Filled with Love


Wow, it’s pouring down outside at the moment, but it adds another dose of peace and coziness to my heart while doing this post for you guys . Going through NZ gloomy rainy windy winter, it rains so much sometimes that it gets to a stage where kinda annoys me since the rain just makes it colder and harder to get around. I’m waiting for […]

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Golden stunning top


You must be wondering how I could bear just wearing this gorgeous top and be nearly half-naked during winter in NZ. Well, of course, I had a coat on when I was having a stroll at North Head where you could see Auckland city in the background. For the gram and blog, I decided to take off the coat and take some photos of this […]

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 It’s currently in the middle of the winter in NZ and it’s so cold! I have to put on winter outfits when most of the audience on  Northern Hemisphere is enjoying the sunny summer, which sometimes I think adds a bit of difficulties to the blogging. To be totally honest, I’m not a fan of winter and I really wish I could live in a […]

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Skinny jeans and Red Selma bag


I have had this leather jacket for probably 5 years now and I never wore it once before this winter (in NZ). As you can see from some of my photos recently I suddenly started to be really into leather jacket even though I always make jokes that all the kiwi girls I see in bars wear a leather jacket 😛 I started to like […]

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Sweater and denim skirt


  Are you guys enjoying the summer on northern hemisphere? I bet you do! Jealous… Kiwi winter could be quite rainy and wet but luckily we still get lots of sunshine, unlike the winter in Southern China which is dry, cold, cloudy and bleak even though the winter temperatures are pretty much the same as Kiwi summer, it feels a lot colder than the winter […]

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Double Denim


I’m completely in love with the combination of the coat and double denim in this outfit. Despite how much I love and miss summer, still have to put on a coat to keep warm. Because this coat has 2/3 length sleeves and I didn’t want to leaver the sleeves of the shirt inside hanging, I rolled up the denim sleeves and covered the hem of […]

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Black Blazer and Michael Kors


Sometimes I would feel like an all-black kinda day for no reason, I guess it’s because that you’d never go wrong with color black when in doubt. Black is the safest color when it comes to teaming an outfit. I’m definitely a big fan of blazer, which I like about is that how it can switch from elegant kinda look to casual-look easily by putting […]

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Leather Jacket and White Tank


I’m actually all about basic and casual in daily life, which leads me to wear tank top and shorts quite often. It seems like I have quite a few tank tops, which is true because I love how comfortable they are to wear. I bought all my tank tops when I traveled in tropical countries like Thailand and Vietnam because they were so common over […]

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Lace and Ripped Jeans


I’m definitely a super big fan of Ripped Jeans. Love its idea of casualty and how it can make the whole outfit look chic and cool instantly. I honestly want to rip all my skinny jeans, which is how obsessed I’m with ripped jeans. I teamed this black lace top and black pointed heels with a pair of ripped jeans to balance the feminality of […]

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Basic Black


I’m absolutely in love with shooting with flowers, which brings colors in the photos and adds a dose of fun. This is just a basic black dress, but details are king. The exposure of my back is the sexy trick that draws everybody’s attention 😛 I even felt a little too nude walking around in Auckland city and I had to grab a black leather […]

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Vintage Skirt+Celine Bag

20160501 Krystal  0531

Winter is definitely on its way. It’s jumper season for sure despite the fact I’m obsessed with the heat, sun, beach, water and skin exposure in summer, which makes me just want to hop on a plane to a tropical paradise. I haven’t carried this Celine Bag for such a long time that I had already forgotten about its existence. Saw it by accident one day and decided to […]

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Denim+Vintage printed Skirt

Krystal 2016-04-27 - 86

I teamed a Green Vintage printed skirt with a Denim go-to shirt and a pair of New Balance sneakers. I love how the Denim shirt and sneakers casualize the whole outfit and how the chain MANGO cross-body bag adds a dose of  classic. Comfort is one of the outfit essentials for me, which makes me a fan of flats and sneakers. Also color contrast is […]

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